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    Hello everyone! I’ve currently been playing Starcraft since launch and have played seriously since November of 2011. The intial event that got me into Starcraft initially was watching the GSL finals live at Blizzcon 2011, I attended as a lone 14 year old not knowing what I was watching but loving every moment of it, from then on I was hooked and I attempted to pursue my obvious dream of getting good and competing at the game.

    I initially started off with competing at local LANS that had an astounding level of competition in the area, players like MKEngyn (CheckSix), Sarovati (Clarity Gaming, Revoki, and Area 51 and narrowly lost to Minigun in WCS Challenger), Andro (well known in our area for beating Fruitdealer in his prime shortly after his GSL victory), Midday (Complexity), and others that played within the high masters level. I started off as a lowly bronze player at the first tournament and slowly climbed my way up the ladder gaining a new league almost once every month or two and constantly learning and improving at an exponential rate.

    A year or so later while attending local lans I decided to compete in the WCG Canada Qualifiers back in 2013 beating a few decently well known players in the Quebec area and a few other randoms here and there before losing in the round of 32 eventually to Andro who went on to qualify for WCG Canada.

    After awhile right before hots I managed to attain masters and I was part of many teams almost becoming a clan war only sort of player, I competed in the SC2CTL among other leagues like ThunderDog and others, eventually I ended up with a team called Alchemy Gaming, a team I initially joined after all-killing in a clan war for the SC2CTL, however after being lied to on a constant basis the manager of the Starcraft 2 squad at the time decided to depart from the ownership of the initial team and began a team called Integrity Gaming, a team and organization I still hold near and dear to my heart, we started off as a small team of a few diamond and masters and initially grew to become one of the better amateur teams in North America, we were bought out by a Brazilian organization called Brawl Gaming and after being scammed out of money we eventually disbanded, afterwards I retired from Starcraft as a whole until I watched Byun win Blizzcon and almost instantly felt refreshed and ready to dive head first back into the first game I truly fell in love with.

    My main goal is to improve to the level I feel where I am at a decent level, Grandmaster is still the penultimate end goal but being realistic I realize it’s easier said then done. I am incredibly out of practice and still thoroughly enjoy the game, I main protoss and still run builds that are pretty standardized while attempting new builds as they become available, when I am working that day however I tend to roll random just to keep up the feel of any and every race and would love practice partners across the board.


    WELCOME!!!! 🙂

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